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1) What is Concrete Inspirations and what do you do?
Concrete Inspirations is a local business that specializes in the treatment, protection and coating of concrete, with a large emphasis on interior projects. We essentially can take any concrete in any type of space, whether it be a residential home, commercial space or industrial space, and apply a specific coating to either protect it, beautify it or renew/restore it. We offer coatings such as Epoxy Coating, Flake Floors, Metallic Floors, Polished Concrete, Concrete Staining but depending on the type of scope we have a very diverse range of coatings to meet the needs of our clients.
2) What is it like working with local businesses in Calgary since the pandemic? 
We've had the great pleasure of working and partnering with a lot of incredible people and businesses. Currently we are finding that many people are trying to maximize or update their current space depending on their situation and where they work, live or play. Many homeowners are making investments in their home such as developing their basements or maximizing their space in their garages and its been super exciting to see these transformations. Our commercial customers took advantage of the lock down by completing improvements to their business space so that they could open their doors with a fresh look and serve their clients even better, and/or make improvements to their space for their employees. I feel we will continue to see people make investments in improving or updating their space in where they work and live to make it as functional and more up to date and more harmonious as possible.
3) Best advice you can give a new business starting?
Starting a new business can be difficult but also so very exciting. Stay focused on your business plan and don't give up.  Starting a business takes time and patience. Do lots of research. Network as much as possible. Always understand your customer are your number one asset. Listen to their needs and fulfill them as best as you can. And mostly importantly, it's important you balance work with personal. Try not to invest all your time into work. Create some balance with your personal well being as this is how you'll stay most effective.
4) What did you think of Marc Jeret and your experience with him?
We just met Marc and we love his energy. We are looking forward to establishing a relationship and how we can work together to enhance brand awareness.
 5) Have you ever got business out of social media networks? Yes, we have. Social media is the new way of advertising and we've used different sources along the way and will continue to do so.
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