How I Met Marc Jeret On LinkedIn with The Canadian Dr. Wayne MacLeod

I met Marc Jeret on Linkedin, when I answered a post he wrote, “Is there a doctor I can speak to?”. I thought I would be helping him, but it turned out he was looking to help me.

He is a friendly, enthusiastic social media marketer, and I had a fledgling idea for a way to help my target audience. He very quickly learned my level of social media marketing (none!), the intricacies of my service, and developed a social media marketing plan that very quickly increased my exposure to my target customers. He knows the process very well and makes it very easy and comfortable to get started. He helped me with a Facebook ad that generated tens of thousands of views and hundreds of messages and customers to my service.

Not only that, when there was a glitch in the middle of the campaign, he was quickly able to “get in there” and solve the problem, so the ad campaign never lost momentum. Marc takes the time to learn your business' marketing needs, can think outside the box to improve your reach, and makes the important investment in social media marketing very comfortable, affordable, and effective.

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  • Thank you for introducing my service to the world, and for the opportunity to describe your services. Thank you especially for all of your help! Mr. Jeret is a terrific guy, very knowledgeable in the social media marketing world and makes a very intimidating space much less scary! Highly recommended!

    Wayne MacLeod

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