How to grow your database FAST?

My Name is Marc Jeret and I am an expert in helping business owners maintain and grow their database of clients with the combination of social media and email marketing campaigns.

Firstly, it is not possible to grow a database FAST.

This is a myth and anyone claiming they can do it is mistaken. It is a tedious process that takes constant check-ups and revisions.  


Unless... You already have the database and never had the time to keep in touch with your clients.


In that case, I am your guy! 


Most of my clients have been in business for a decade or two some even 3.  At that rate, they have hundreds or even thousands of clients that have yet to see their business grow and stay in touch every week.  For those selected customers I have proven to help them not only keep in touch and strengthen their existing database of client's but even grow their database FAST! 

How did I do it?

•Made a weekly basis newsletter educating the public on the services provided by my A+ clients

•Helped my clients post on social media sites they were insecure on such as Youtube and TikTok

•Made Mailchimp landing pages to capture new leads and drop them into their weekly newsletters as hot 🔥 leads and future potential clients 

•Grew their database at no additional cost utilizing Facebook Groups for their business and collecting new members contact information 

•Lastly I helped coach them with custom video ad scripts that get tens of thousands of people to watch per month that were taken on their iPhones with new people seeing them daily and joining their free email newsletters my clients had become untouched by their local competition and stand out


If you or someone you know needs help to grow their existing database or wants to start from scratch please feel free to email me at 

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