Iphix Q & A with Cindy Luffer

  • When was Iphix founded and what is your position at the company?
2009 CEO/President

  • What is Iphix selling or services?
iPhix repairs any device with a motherboard, specialty in mobile devices. Sell TELUS and Koodo plans and brand new phones.  We sell used phones and accessories.

  • Why did you start the company and how many locations do you currently have?
I started the company because I broke my own phone and no one else was repairing one. I quit my chemical engineering job and started iPhix.  I now have 3 locations as some closed during covid but I am still growing but I am growing as Iphix Telus Koodo partnership locations.

  • What was your first impression of Marc Jeret and your experience with him on social media?
His social media presence is a force to be reconned with. I enjoy intreacting with him and enjoy his posts.

  • When can you next meet for a coffee at Southcentre Mall?
We can plan a meeting with my district manager week after next if that works for you.  Mornings are best.
Cindy Luffer, P. Eng, ing
Founder/CEO iPhix inc
Dealer Principal Telus Koodo
Cell: 403-616-2078
Retail: 877-904-7449
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Marc Jeret
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