New York Real Estate Lawyer - Jordan Hiller


1) How long have you been a lawyer?

2) What is the best settlement you made?

3) Best advice you can give someone starting as a lawyer?

4) Why did you become a Lawyer?

5) What did you think of Marc Jeret and your experience with him?

6) Can you share an experience in law that happened via digital media?


1.) Passed the bar in 2004. Worked in firms for 4 years before taking a break for about 8 years. Opened up my firm in 2015.

2.) A grueling multi-million dollar deal between two families where there were bad blood and history. Had to be very fair and diplomatic and make sure that both sides trusted me.

3.) If you have any shot at working for yourself, do it.

4.) I graduated college with a BA in English Literature, so my options were bleak.

5.) My first experience with Marc Jeret was through a charity event for US Veterans. I thought he was going places. Full of ambition and big ideas and energy.

6.) I was filmed by my firm's bank for a digital ad showing how they help businesses in the community. Was a cool experience.

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