Q & A Finance Learning Lab

1)What is your name and what is Finance Learning Lab?  

My name is Carolyn Scissons and I own Finance Learning Lab. We help solopreneurs and small businesses starting out with anything and everything related to the finances and accounting side of their business. We have a bookkeeping package tailor made for solopreneurs that costs $115/month and includes up to 12 office hour sessions so people can connect with an accountant to ask any and all questions they have related to the numbers side of their business. 


2)What is your role and goal at Finance Learning Lab?  

I am the founder and my goal through Finance Learning Lab is actually pretty ambitious. We are looking transform the experience small business owners have with their finances so that it is no longer a topic that overwhelms them or causes dread but actually turns into something they enjoy. We are looking to have people who hate math start thinking that finance can be fun. We have been on a mission to become the resource hub in sharing financial literacy and have started out with sharing over 50 different educational videos on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/financelearninglab) as well as free mini-courses on our website (www.FinanceLearningLab.com)

3) Best advice you can give someone starting a new business?  

Don't ignore the numbers. Too many people start a business without a financial budget or at best, a budget they created during the early business planning stage that is now collecting dust. In the first 2 years of running a business, you will be spending both time and money on marketing but you need to build in a process of reviewing the financial results you are getting from these efforts so you can figure out what to keep doing, what to stop doing and what to adjust and do differently. That is where and how knowing your numbers can help you bring in more consistent and predictable profit into your new company.

4) What is your favourite social media platform you post on?  

My favorite is YouTube because it offers a treasure trove of free educational resources that go into a lot of depth. As a business owner, you need to get resourceful so finding free teaching videos is very valuable. If you are looking for free financial videos, be sure to check us out here: https://www.youtube.com/c/financelearninglab)

5) What did you think of Marc Jeret and your experience with him?  

I really enjoyed learning about the off the beaten path he is taking to social media by opening a location in a mall. Social media is a key component to starting and running a business so be sure to check out the work he is doing with Social Media Guru 365.


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