Q & A With Pete de Jong REALTOR®️

  • When did you become a realtor and what is your brokerage that you represent?
I’ve been licensed since 2000, and have been doing residential real estate since then, except for one year, when I acted as Vice President for a commercial firm. 

  • What does a residential realtor do?
I’d break that down into two categories:
Listing agents have two main objectives. To market properties, and negotiate contracts. 
Buying agents find homes for home buyers, then ensure that they get the one they want at or below market value. 
The rest of our time is made up of doing 100s of little things to ensure that our deals are proceeding perfectly and that our pipeline of clients is full. 

  • How many homes have you listed?
I honestly don’t know. I did calculate earlier this year, that I had completed over 500 transactions, so far. 

  • What was your first impression of Marc Jeret and your experience with him on social media?
My first impression was that this guy was unique, which is always a plus for me! He also appeared authentic and super motivated. A very good first impression. 

  • When can you next meet for a coffee at Southcentre Mall?
Haha. I don’t get that way often, but I may have to make a special trip! 

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Thanks for doing this! You’re the boss! 
Pete de Jong



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