Q & A with Seamus McGearty of Top Quality Auto Glass

5 q and a’s


1) How long have you been doing windshield repairs?
2) How many windshields have you fixed?
3) Best advice you can give a new business starting out?
4) What did you think of
Marc Jeret and your experience with him?
5) Can you share an experience in the car repair business that happened via digital media?

Marc Jeret



Answers by Seamus McGearty

(1) I have been doing Auto glass for 15 years
(2) thousands I do about 10 a day some days
(3) be honest and trustworthy your word is everything
(4) very professional and organized. And support fast responses
(5) for sure it is my 5 star reviews on Facebook and good reviews on google that I am very proud of



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