Q & A With Tony Slavin Website Expert + Real Estate Broker

1. What is AllAboutWebServices.com and when did you create it? AllAboutWebServices.com Inc was incorporated in 1998 and we offer website development and web marketing. We specialize in Wordpress sites and we have helped thousands of Clients from a variety of different Countries!


2. How many website domains does your company own? We own just over 1000 domain names that are corporately owned and we managed thousands of domains for our Clients along with 10's of thousands of email accounts!


3. Why in addition to web development are you a Real Estate Broker in Ontario? I realized that I had been selling and owning physical real estate for my working career and then websites came along. I realized that like physical properties domain names all come with a unique address. However physical real estate has many limitations as to what you can build on a single address. however, with a domain address, you can build endlessly. That's when I realized I had to get involved in digital real estate (domains). I also decided I needed to become a (website) builder and I have spent the last 24 years learning how to build and market websites!


4. Why do you believe that your digital media is a better return on investment than Real Estate? Because you can build endlessly on digital real estate as opposed to physical real estate.


5. Can you tell us about upcoming events? Our Team of 7 build 1 to 3 Client sites a month and we will launch 3 to 7 inhouse sites a month starting in Jan. 2022!


Bonus question. What did you think of Marc Jeret and your first impression? Marc comes across as a hard-working and  driven individual who is forward thinking and plans to build his future online!


 List of marketing domains -> www.marketmycompany.com and www.globalpressreleases.com base sites and need to be built out. They will all link back to my main site which is web services as will www.allaboutwebsites.com which will be mainly for just having sites built. My plan is to have multiple brands under my main site and refer them off.

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