Q & A with Wally Fakhreddine (Real Estate Legend)

I met Wally Fakhreddine this past Thursday in person and I have a series of 7 Q & A’s on his Real Estate Journey in the province of Alberta, Canada.

Let's begin:

1) How long have you been a real estate agent?
18 Years
2) What is the best deal you made?
That's a really tough question!
I have made tons of deals for clients that deserved the best representation in the Industry!
To me every deal gets treated the same whether it is a $50,000 condo or a $5,000,000 mansion all clients unequivocally get the best representation possible!
3) Best advice you can give someone starting as an agent?
Work with an experienced agent for at least 24 months minimum!
4) Why did you become an agent?
My father Sold Real Estate for years and I followed in the Great Legacy he left for me.
5) How did you meet Marc Jeret?
Through the Real Estate Industry
6) What did you think of Marc Jeret and your experience trusting him?
Unconditional Trust! A man loves what he does, doesn't work a day in his life and that's Marc! Pure Magic! 
Photo and Aerial by Marc Jeret 
New Luxury listing by Wally Fakhreddine
7) Can you share an experience in real estate that happened via digital media?
I have done a number of Real Estate videos and Q & A sessions and to this day people still comment on them.
Kind Regards,
Wally Fakhreddine
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  • Marc Jeret has been amazing to work with and I would highly recomed him to any agent looking to get the best exposure in the business!

    Wally Fakhreddine

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