Shopify Thanks Marc Jeret and SMG365!

“We noticed that you recently completed your first Shopify store for one of your clients! Needless to say, we’re impressed — congratulations on hitting this exceptional milestone!”


You're welcome Shopify!


Being a part of this great business has been a pleasure.


I started my website on Shopify 3 months ago and my store has been in the top 🔺 14% of traffic compared to other stores that started the same week as me.


Pretty crazy stats don't you think?


Although I have not made many sales yet I do trust staying long term on Shopify will produce the return on investment I am looking for.


After 20+ hours I perfected by website:


Now I'm 90% done with my first web client's website and making money from Shopify for my dedication to them and my client.


With that being said I happily announce I will build your website at an affordable $250 rate and you can get weekly blogs free when you sign up for my email marketing service!


Learn more 

403.671.0365 or <


Thanks for reading!



Marc Jeret

Director of sales

Social Media Guru 365

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