Social media is reshaping our society and how we interact! Written with Jennifer Schwitzer REALTOR®️

Now more than ever businesses like mine (real estate) that relied heavily on face-to-face meetings and creating connections are now forced to shift to online.
I’ve always been a heavy user of online advertising but in recent months and having moved provinces - it’s the only way I’m finding new clients!

In the past few months, I have been developing relationships with other realtors, future clients, investors, photographers, drone pilots, lawyers, and accountants. These relationships- will be the core of my business for years to come.

Social media allows me to see deeper into who they are and what they stand for (or against) than I’d be able to in meeting in passing. It allows us to choose to work with people whose values align with our own- and gives me more confidence in referring valued clients to them. It’s given me this opportunity-

I ‘met’ Marc Jeret of Social Media Guru 365 in a local Facebook group and will now work with him for the benefit of both our businesses!!

In screening Marc, I could see he’s the type of guy that gives real value to his marketing clients, that he has a positive mindset backed by motivation and determination to continue his success. Many times I’ve come in contact with people who talk the talk- Facebook and Instagram allow me to see if they walk the walk consistently. My business being in a brand new market almost 600km from where I made a name for myself would be nothing without social media.

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