Top 40 Under 40 VanderLeek Law Q & A Feature!


1)What is the top 40 under 40 and what is VanderLeek Law?

Top 40s are the best and brightest in the city. They are all different but they are all high achievers. They include business people, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, athletes, community organizers, politicians, teachers, inventors and more. They give back to the community and elevate the city through their work, whether it be in their career or volunteer work. They inspire us through everything they do. 

Legal problems are complex and there are many pieces to putting the puzzle together. You need to have an expert team guiding you through the process. We help our clients understand the problem, identify solutions and work tirelessly to solve the problem and implement solutions. Our goal is to provide peace of mind. We do that with a team of professionals who share a common passion: we are in business to serve. We also have a critically acclaimed social enterprise side of the business that specializes in dealing with complex planning issues for families with disabilities.

2)Why are you a lawyer?

The Rotary value of Service above Self has always resonated with me. I have a passion to understand complex challenges in society and use logic to try to achieve clarity in the problem that I’m trying to solve. What started as an individual trait as a logic-based problem solver led to several leadership roles where I trained my teams to solve problems together using a balanced approach of logic and curiosity. In my previous work with the government and being a co-founder of a United Nations recognized non-profit FullSoul, I learned the power of advocacy, which became my strength. A humbling moment came when the previous governor-general of Canada reacted to my advocacy as one of the best she had heard in her career. I knew that I could enhance my strengths and pursue the legal path to make a scalable difference in the future. Now I have the privilege to use my law degree to continue to advance social justice issues and solve complex estates and will issues.
3)How long have you been practicing law in Calgary, Alberta, Canada? 2 years.

4)Why do you choose to work with VanderLeek Law?

The culture, vision, and mission of our firm are very unique. I’m able to unleash my potential as a working mother of two children and a wife. The disability advocates division of our firm helps me align my Service above Self values. It is hard to juggle family and professional growth and Vanderleek enables me to pursue work-life integration.

5)Can you tell us when you can stop by our marketing firm for a cup of Starbucks Coffee? 

I’m usually flexible on Fridays.


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Thanks for all your time and being a pillar in the legal community of Calgary :)

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